The Taming of the Shrew-Disguise Matters

 Disguise plays a crucial role in the play; taming of the shrew.

Disguise is used in several areas such as Tranio changing into his master Lucentio in order to get permission to marry Bianca whenKatherina has been married off . This is shown in Act 1, Scene 1. As well as Lucentio disguising himself as Bianca's music tutor named Cambio to woo Bianca and proclaim his love for her in secret.  

Hortensio is also in disguise for majority of the play. He is changed into a music tutor named Litio in order to woo Bianca in secret.

Disguise is also used with the merchant playing a huge role as Vincentio, father of Lucentio. He is used to play the father in order to finalize the marriage and ensure the dowry of Bianca and Lucentio.

And disguise is also used in Induction 2 as the Lord gets the local Pageboy to play Christopher Sly's "wife" as part of the trick that the Lord has done to make his trick seem more believable.


Disguise helped many people having success on their actual aim such as Lucentio. Without these disguise their goal won't be successful. When they put on different clothing their role in society changes as well from a servant like Tranio to someone more in power.  


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